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You are Beautiful
Equity Statement: Feminine beauty is diverse, and we love it. Hence, we bring the specially formulated dark skin products to make you more confident in all aspects of life. Love the shade of your skin.
Brand Character: Every African woman is a queen in her own way and deserves special pampering and attention. Woman who knows her worth and expects premium but value for money product.
Afriderm is a unique brand develop to tackle the cosmetic needs of African women. The brand is all about women empowerment and confidence. African skin and darker skin tones require unique care and attention especially when vulnerable to stress. Afriderm has developed skincare products for darker skin that specifically targets dry and sensitive areas, pigmentation, etc (pls see details below). Afriderm’s wide range is carefully formulated to nourish and protect the rich, exotic beauty of dark skin. Afriderm is a pioneering lifestyle concept for dark skin, based on our experts, intensive research, and skill- The company has collaborated with leading dermatologists and skincare specialists.
• DermAdore (Pty) Ltd – Sources & sells specialized skin care products to the African and darker skin consumer market in South Africa
• Afriderm is listed in over 400 doors across South Africa
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