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Dark Skin & Skincare: Why Melanin Matters

Dark skin tones get their rich, deep beauty from special cells called Melanocytes. These cells produce Melanosomes,
which in turn synthesize an essential natural pigment – Melanin. Melanin plays a vital role in
protecting the skin from UV light, as it helps to absorb and disperse solar radiation. 
Everyone has Melanosomes, but if you have a dark skin tone, your Melanosomes are larger and more widely-distributed

Because dark skin has more melanin and more sensitive melanocytes, its pigmentation changes more easily. Insect bites, cuts, bumps, and stress can quickly lead to an uneven skin tone. Treating these pigmentation issues can also be problematic, because they involve a deeper layer of the skin. This is just one of the reasons why dark skin needs specialist care, in addition to ashy skin, acne, and other concerns.

Dark Skin Deserves More: Common Concerns

AFRIDERM® is a pioneering lifestyle concept for dark skin, based on unparalleled knowhow in the field. Our extensive research, conducted in collaboration with leading dermatologists and skincare specialists, enables us to develop unique products precisely formulated tor the needs of dark skin. Endorsed by experts and discerning customers alike, the unique AFRIDERM® line has been proven effective through numerous case studies on women from the target market, helping to treat and beautify dark skin tones.
Each AFRIDERM® product harnesses the abundant gifts of nature, fortifying herbs and minerals with cutting-edge pharmaceutical technology. These exclusive formulas are enhanced by superior ingredients renowned for their exceptional ability to effectively treat common dark skin conditions, such as:

  •  Uneven Skin Tone: Caused by hyperpigmentation, when the skin produces too much pigment, creating dark spots, and hypopigmentation, when the color disappears, leaving bright spots.
  •  Infections & Blemishes: Dark skin can be more prone to blemishes, and when melanin is released to fight infections, it can create dark spots that are hard to erase.
  •  Acne: Tends to develop at a later age in dark skin complexion, and can have serious consequences, such as scarring (keloids) and severe pigmentation.
  • Ashy Skin: Dark skin often develops dry, irritated patches with a scaly, flaky appearance that looks like dandruff, especially on the arms, elbows, and feet. This is because dark skin’s upper layers have a faster turnover than lighter skin. As these dead cells are lighter in color, they really stand out against dark skin tones.

AFRIDERM® : PREMIUM CARE  for dark skin

AFRIDERM® presents a groundbreaking skincare collection dedicated to celebrating all shades of dark skin, so everyone with deep skin tones can enjoy a healthy, radiant look. AFRIDERM® products are formulated with exclusive ingredients that work in perfect synergy to cleanse, moisturize, and care for dark skin. These optimal active agents include:

  •  Octadecanoic Acid: This skincare essential regulates Melanin production, halts expansion of Melanosomes and prevents inflammation that causes stimulation of the Melanocytes and production of Melanin. It provides even skin tone, preventing and treating pigmentation problems without harming the skin, and also helps to prevent skin infections.
  • Lilac Extract (Syringa Vulgaris): A natural flower extract that reduces sebum production and suppresses the bacterial activity that can lead to acne and other inflammatory conditions. It accelerates wound healing and prevents uneven pigmentation resulting from infections.
  • Sodium Lactate & Potassium Lactate: The industry’s most powerful moisturizers. They regulate moisture and nourish skin cells with exceptional hydration that helps to treat and defend against dry and irritated (ashy) skin.

When you’re looking for just the right skincare solution, it is always important to remember that some active ingredients work well on lighter skin, but can actually irritate and damage darker skin. Dark skin is prone to pigmentation problems. Any skincare product ingredient that irritates or dries skin increases the risk and gives way to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which can linger for several months or longer. It’s vital to avoid products containing alpha hydroxy acids, cortisone, strong bleaching agents like hydroquinone, salicylic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, and enzyme peels.

Now is the perfect time to discover AFRIDERM®’s targeted nourishing care, for dark skin that looks and feels great, no matter what life or the environment throws at you.