Body Care

Afriderm’s range of dark skin care products includes natural hand lotion, exfoliating scrub and body butter.
Free delivery on body care orders over R250!

Afriderm offers only the most luxurious and nourishing body care products for dark skin.
We believe that body care products for dark skin need to be of the highest quality in order to truly protect and care for our skin.

It’s hard to feel good when your skin feels uncomfortable.
Dark skin is vulnerable to stress and can become dry or “ashy”. Our body care products ensure that your skin is always moisturised and protected.

With Afriderm’s natural body care products, you’ll always feel your best and you can rest assured that your skin is being taken care of and protected.

Browse through our specialised range of body products and find the perfect Afriderm skincare product for you.

Afriderm Body Care Products