Afriderm: ageing the right way (a routine with afriderm products to target anti- aging)

As we move through life, I think we can all agree one of our goals is to grow and learn! We gain knowledge and experience as we move through life, becoming wiser and growing internally. But, as we age all these changes tend to reflect externally too. 

A dark skin routine toward anti aging

But how does this happen? Our skin is made up of collagen, collagen is a protein that serves as one of the main building blocks for your bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. As we get older the collagen and elastin fibers break, thicken, stiffen, clump together, and lose their elasticity. This results in wrinkles and aging lines. As a result of these processes, the skin becomes rough, uneven in tone, and wrinkled. 

Now what are the main factors that cause our skin to age? There are many factors we have control over that cause this! Such as: 

  • Sun damage 
  • Poor skin care
  • Bad sleep
  • Poor nutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Smoking
  • Stress 

There are many things we can do to help prevent the premature and extreme ageing of our skin. Such as getting better sleep, not to smoke, follow a healthy diet, get better sleep and drink PLENTY of water. But we mustn’t forget we also need a healthy skincare routine filled with products and ingredients our skin will love. Having African skin, you need to ensure the products you use are made for YOUR skin. Now, this is where Afriderm comes in.

As a brand Afriderm has always prioritized providing the best products with natural and healthy ingredients empowering our African queens to not only feel but also look their best. Now trust us we know, a skincare routine can be daunting for many women. We understand not knowing which products to use and in what order, as well as time are factors that greatly affect your skincare routine. That’s why our products are tailored to target their functions entirely, limiting the amount of products you need to use and saving you time! Here is a little routine you may find useful when starting out: 

Step 1: You need a clean face! Start with our Magical Micellar water for that blank canvas. 

Step 2: Next take advantage of our one step cleanser to make sure all the dirt and grime is off your skin. 

Step 3: Use our face serum for maximum skin clarity and refinement. 

Step 4: MOISTURIZE! Don’t forget your eyes and face are different skin types with different concerns as well as requirements.Make sure you are using our eye cream AND day cream, unless evening then take a chance at our night cream as well. 

Apart from this, make sure you are exfoliating as the skin requires, do not overdo this step! In overdoing this you stand the risk of permanently damaging your skin, and don’t forget to spoil yourself with a healthy face mask as well. For this we have formulated the Afriderm peeling gel and carbonated oxygen bubble mask.

Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize the rest of your body and hands as well. Take a look at Afriderm body scrub and body butter for this. 

Here, at Afriderm we prioritize YOUR skin with our products and advice on them! Take a look at our extensive range for more fantastic products and keep an eye out on our latest posts for more!

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